Johnson & Johnson’s Women Leadership Initiative

I was invited to speak last night at Johnson & Johnson’s Women Leadership Initiative. It was the second session they had for this initiative (for the mid and night shift).  My topic as Women in the BPO and Myths on work life balance.

Initially, I didn’t know what to present. Yes, I have been in the BPO space for 20 years and I feel I am so knowledgeable about it. Yet when I think about it, the landscape together with the generation (millennials) have changed. However, the life lessons will continue to remain. The lessons I received from my mentors, my parents will continue to be some of the lessons I will share with the youth. So here it goes.

I presented my life story – my personal and work life. I discussed my challenges, my failures, my goals and my successes – having my #mayforever one and only husband, having 4 children, 2 daughters in law and soon to be a mamita.

My advice to the young ones – be a lifelong learner. Don’t just say it. Do it. Don’t wait for the company to invest in you. Learn to invest in yourself. There are so many online programs that are free. How many of us have even considered that? How many of us read books that will widen our knowledge? Have you ever enrolled in a training program/ course that you yourself paid?  Not the company? Have you learned to invest in yourself.

For us women, we have a lot of responsibility. We need to think of our responsibility to our self. Invest in ME. Believe in yourself. Believe you can do it. If others can – men and women, so can we. So can you.

Someone asked me, “Ms Penny, you mentioned about your vision board.  Are there other things that you still want to do given what you have already accomplished?” 

Oh, there are still so many things in my life.  Life doesn’t ever stop. I still dream of speaking at the United Nations. I’m still looking (or I still look forward) forward to be a grandmother soon. I still want to write my second, third and fourth book. So many things to do in life. To smell the roses and live life fully.


Penny Bongato_Johnson and Johnsons

Women in the workplace, take full responsibility for your life and your results. No limiting beliefs because we are women. We are born equals. Have positive thoughts in your mind. Remember, you can do and be anything you want as long as you put your mind and energy to it. Take action. Find mentors. Focus. And in the end, be happy and grateful.

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