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The HR Tech Market Reinvests Itself – Presentation of Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte as presented at the SHRM Tech Conference 2017 at Hyderabad, India

It was a very interesting keynote speech by Josh Bersin, Principal and founder, Bersin by Deloitte at the Society of Human Resource Management India Tech Conference 2017 held at the International Convention Center at Hyderabad, India.  Like many of the tech conference I have attended, the emphasis was the future of work is here – Robotics, artificial intelligence, sensors and they are changing the way we work. Even in farming, robotics are now present, with drones being used in the fields.

With all these technology, simple and complex, employees are now feeling overwhelmed. 40% of the US population believes it is impossible to success at work and have a balance life. The average mobile phone users checks their devise 150 times a day! The average US worker now spends 25% of their day reading and answering emails. Even worse, few than 16% of companies have a program to “simplify work” or help employees deal with stress.


Organizational structures have changed as well from the traditional organization charts that we have been accustomed to. Now it’s not just individuals working in teams but more collaboration with different teams.

What is coming in terms of technology – smart phones we have seen starting 2007, now we have wearables, smart badge, virtual news and even new tools coming – IBM Watson, Snapchat, etc.

Automation is here which means jobs are changing. 38% of companies believe they will be “fully automated” within five years. 50% of companies expect to retrain workers to side by side with robotics and AI.  Yet in 65% of companies surveys as discussed by Bersin, HR is not involved at all.

The reinvention of HR technology is now seeing a shift – shift in focus to the employee and not HR, from talent management to people management, from automate and integrate to engage and empower.  From process automation to analytics driven “systems of engagement” and apps that “make work life better.”


We will continue to see a new set of disruptive applications for HR.  In performance management, companies are moving slowly away from annual performance appraisal to real time feedback. From annual physical exam to check on health of employee to well being fitness tracking, fitness merges with engagement. From Wellness to Wellbeing to Performance.

Learning is changing too. Digital learning and micro learning. Changes are coming and are we ready? Is HR ready to unlearn, learn and relearn?  Are we ready to adapt?

We should. It’s coming – whether we like it or not. So best to embrace it. Learning is a lifestyle.

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