It’s Time We Learn Success

I recently came back from Zamboanga City where I conducted the Strategies of Success Workshop at STI Zamboanga last March 11, 2017.  I have done this program many times in the past to  different kind of participants from different schools – faculties, employees, and students.

But this workshop was different. I had in my audience 100 people who were very hungry to learn and so passionate about knowing more.  For us trainers, it really gives us so much joy knowing that they could have spent their Saturdays at home, being with family, watching a movie, doing their Saturday chores but they decided to attend the workshop, pay for their registration fee and listen.

The call time for registration was 8am and lo and behold, at 8am we had more than 75 percent in attendance.  Much better than the usual turnout for registration in Manila.

You might say, “Traffic in Manila has always been bad so people come in late.”  However, having the chance to speak to the participants even before we started, I realized something was different. They were truly hungry for knowledge and sharing. They really wanted to listen to people who have experience what was going to be talked about. In this case, how to be successful.

I went through ten of the Success Principles of Jack Canfield. Being a certified trainer in the Success Principles and being a Certified Canfield Methodology Trainer, there is a particular way of  doing the training to ensure that we are consistent with the methodology worldwide.  Stories can be localized and in fact, I was able to use the messages on the STI posters.

Being with Taking 100 % responsibility for your life and your results.  Stop blaming and complaining. If other people can, so can you! That’s the main message and in one of the posters of STI, the message was so loud and clear – EVERY MOMENT IS A MOMENT OF CHOICE. You take the choice yourself. No one will dictate the choice to you unless you let others influence you.

When I asked volunteers in the group sharing, I was surprised, unlike in some of my workshops where people look down then asked to volunteer, this time I had so many volunteers. So many shared their dreams and aspirations – from having a food cart, to owning a lechon store, to being with her husband in Abu Dhabi, to marrying the women of his life. Each person has his own goa

Yet the question that they had in mind is “how?”.  “How will I do this?”, “How will I accomplish my dreams?”.

It was such an awesome experience teaching them what I have gone through, some of the success principles and now hoping that they adopt the principles and live their lives that way.

I know I cannot force them. It’s their choice. However, they chose to attend the workshop. So I hope and pray that they pursue applying the principles in their lives.

One Hundred lives touched.  Even if only thirty person follow through, I can say I have done my mission.

I am looking forward to conduct more workshops like this in Zamboanga City again, and my dream is to spread this across the country. I  realized,  Filipinos are hungry for learning.

And as Dado Banatao, the Filipino who invented the PC Chipset in Silicon Valley who came from a humble being, a farmer’s son, said “I am not so special, but I am determined.” It’s time that we Filipinos, learn success.

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